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I’m so stoked you’re here! My name’s Elena but most people I know call me Lennie! I’m proud to call Oregon my home, my roots, and my playground. Before anything else, I’m a follower of Jesus and spending time with Him, knowing Him better, and watching Him work are some of my favorite things to do. And snuggling my doggo...that one’s a given.

Creating + preserving natural moments for adventurous souls

Living in such a visual, digital age it’s easy to take the idea of photos for granted. We take hundreds of them in on high-res iPhone cameras. Delete the ones we don’t like. Maybe add a filter, and boom, done - a photo! And that’s all it was.

I believe photography is so much more than that. I believe it’s more than pretty edits and how many likes you get on it from Instagram. More than just pictures on your phone. More than “just photos”. It’s storytelling. It’s memories. It’s something to show your kids years after your wedding day. It’s remembering how nervous you felt that last year of highschool. It’s opening an old photo album and laughing at how you didn’t even feel the cold while running through the woods with your soulmate. These are the moments and stories I live for, that deserve to be preserved for years to come. My passion is to create timeless, beautiful photos that speak to you and of you...

While exploring stunning places…

With maybe your dog.

I’d love to chat with you, so hit that shnazzy contact button and let’s get in touch!


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