Hi Friend!

It’s so good to meet you! My name’s Elena and I’m a lifestyle photographer based in Portland, Oregon (don’t let that trick you though, I’m down for traveling anywhere with pretty places). I’m currently on this exciting, tiring, hecka rewarding journey of learning to live life to the full for Jesus + using whatever talents I have to light up other people’s world. I’m so excited to meet you + document whatever season of your life you’re in!

Nothing happens unless we first dream
— Carl Sandburg

Why I do what I do

I’ve always had an eye (not so much physical talent) for art. That, combined with a love for taking + admiring photos, turned into a passion as an artist + storyteller. I’m obsessed with catching moments of life happening right then and there. No spot on poses, no perfectly placed hands, no “say cheese” status smiles. Just life as it is: a couple of humans exploring amazing locations + embracing all the laughs, the tight hugs, the gentle kisses, the squinted eyes from a smile, the goofiness, the imperfection, all of it. That’s the life we know, live, and is truest to ourselves and I believe it deserves to be documented. No matter how messy or imperfect or not “instagram worthy” it might be.

Hit that shnazzy looking contact button and let’s chat about making some magic!


Fan Facts

Cats are my soul animal

...but I obsess over and/or pet every single dog I see

I'm a hardcore introvert who tries to be an extrovert sometimes

<— I’m dating that uber cute dude right there

Not a day goes by where I don’t crave Chipotle…seriously it’s a problem

I thought 'facade' was pronounced "fah-'kayed" for. the. longest. time. Needless to say it was pretty embarrassing when I said it out loud

My roots are in Oregon and is by far my favorite place to be…until I get cabin fever

I have more cousins than I can count (I actually tried a couple times and ended up with different numbers)

If I were to give you a list of all the countries I want to visit it'd be a reeeeally long list…but um let’s go to some of them yeah??