downtown vancouver, washington wedding :: haley + sam


These two made a rainy day in downtown Vancouver one heck of a day to celebrate! Haley + Sam said yes to forever surrounded by their friends + family, and when the rain held off just at the perfect time they took off to dance in the streets together as a married couple. How cute is that?? These two sweet humans were so much fun to work with (following photos will attest to that), and it was such an honor meeting + hanging out with them! Haley + Sam you guys are awesome + I loved being able to capture a snippet of your love story!

Dress: David’s Bridal

Florals: True Vine Floral

Second Shot by: Michelle Allan

lomac winery fresno, california wedding :: felicia + joshua


It was a Sunday morning in August 2018. I woke up, stared at the ceiling for a couple minutes without moving (you know, the usual morning ritual) then actually got up to get ready for church. I got dressed then picked up my phone and that’s when I saw an instagram notification:

“@joshuanichols wants to send you a message”

At that point in my photog journey, getting message requests was a pretty rare thing, so my very curious self opened it right away. Keep in mind that at this point in the morning I wasn’t all the way awake yet (lets be real, who is). But then I read this message from a stranger I never met. It went something like this:

“So I know this is last minute, but I’m going to propose to my girlfriend in an hour…can you take photos of it?”

0_o <—- that was probably the face I made in that moment

I think I sat there staring at it + rereading it over and over to make sure it was real. (hint: it was) So many questions were swirling through my head. “Should I do it? It’s so last minute. What about going to church? Who even are these people?? (#introvertthoughts) What if I give away the surprise by looking way too conspicuous?”. But through all those doubts I kept feeling a little tug in the back of my head saying, “HECK. YES. DO IT”.

Flash forward 6 months to a gorgeous wedding weekend + a very thankful photog, happy she took the leap on photographing a surprise proposal. It was such an honor to hang out, adventure, and party with Felicia, Joshua, and their rad family and friends on their wedding day in Fresno, California. There are just so many words swirling through my head trying to express how beautiful + kind these sweet people were to me + my second shooter Kortni. These people are some of the most amazing, Jesus loving humans I’ve met. They took us in with open arms and within minutes of meeting them, they already felt like family. Also they let me spoil their two pups, so that automatically means we’re friends (obviously).

Felicia + Joshua I’m SO thankful I got to meet you guys + capture a bit of your love story!

Dress: Madeleine’s Bridal Boutique

Makeup: Hailee Lee

Hair Stylist: Britny Lee

Calligraphy: Brushing Balti

Venue: Lomac Winery

Second Shot by: Kortni Maria

lake wenatchee leavenworth, washington wedding :: rebeccah + lucas

I remember driving up to Leavenworth on the weekend of Rebeccah + Lucas’s wedding and completely being blown away by the beauty + fall colors popping out from the landscape! The closer we drove to Lake Wenatchee the more excited I became and started doing that thing most visual people do: picturing how the photos would turn out + how beautiful the day would be. And extra excitement points because I got to work with one of my favorite couples! Rebeccah + Lucas are two, sweet souls I had the privilege of meeting for the first time and photographing their engagement (thanks instagram)! I remember being blown away by how similar Rebeccah and I are when it comes to the start of our relationships. As a single woman, she loved life and showed no interest in even looking for a relationship at the time (literally me, I was so oblivious to this stuff). Even when she met Lucas at a summer get-together with friends + mutual friends, she thought nothing of it and went on with her normal life. Not the same for Lucas. She stole his heart that day, without her even knowing. Over time though, he caught her attention with his kind, gentle soul + killer smile that melted her heart. After getting to know each other better, adventure together, and live life together, they said “heck yes” to forever on that beautiful fall day in Leavenworth. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think it can get much cuter than that!

Rebeccah + Lucas I can’t thank you enough for letting me into your lives to capture pieces of your love story! I love you guys so much, and I can’t wait to be able to work with you again!


abernethy center, oregon city wedding :: wyndser + justin

I’m going to be honest for a minute….taking photos indoors, without natural light, makes me a little nervous. (insert monkey-covers-eyes emoji) But at Wyndser + Justin’s December wedding reception at the Abernethy Center, there was one moment that made me completely forget about that nervousness.

And that moment, you guys, was when Justin surprised Wyndser by singing a special song: L’chaim from Fiddler on the Roof.


It started out with just Justin and Wyndser’s dad singing on the top of their lungs. Then a few groomsmen. Then the ENTIRE bridal party. And here I was, thinking this beautiful day couldn’t get any better…and it just did!!

That’s just one reason why I love this couple so much. I met them for the first time on a cold, windy day for their engagement session. They blew me away with their story, their love for each other, their spirit of adventure, and authenticity. You can tell just by interacting with them. They’re the kind of people that just radiate love for Jesus and living life to the full. And, as their wedding celebration proved, they know how to throw one heck of a party!

*note: if you have no idea what song that is either go listen to it or watch the movie right now. You’re welcome

Special thanks to all the incredible vendors involved who helped make this day a dream!

Venue : Abernethy Center

Florals : Posies By Paige & Cindy

Dress : Bridal Exclusives